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Celebrate the return of hippos to
the Zoo with a commemorative brick

We are excited to welcome hippos back to the Dallas Zoo at the Simmons Hippo Outpost. We have fallen in love with the pair, Adhama and Boipelo, and know you will, too. This is your chance to share the love for the hippos or to pay tribute to a friend who is crazy about these hefty herbivores. We are selling engraved bricks and pavers that are placed by the entrance to the viewing area. Your family or friends would be honored to have their names permanently associated with this exciting new exhibit.

Bricks will be ordered at the end of the last week of odd-numbered months (May, July, September, and November). The bricks take approximately three weeks to engrave and ship, so, depending upon when you place your order, please allow up to 10 weeks for your brick to be installed. This opportunity won’t be available forever – there is a limited number of bricks still available, and when those are sold, this offer will end.


Your options include the following:

8”x4” brick

8”x8” brick

12”x12” fieldstone paver



Memorialize your support of the Hippo Outpost or take advantage of this very rare opportunity to honor a friend or family member with a unique holiday gift or birthday present. You’ll get a hippo-sized hug for this special recognition.


* As a hippo brick donor, you receive no goods or services, so 100% of your gift may be considered a tax deductible donation to the Dallas Zoological Society to the greatest extent allowable by law.


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