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Fall 2013 Adopt-An-Animal Specials

Endangered species are marked with an asterisk (*).

Western Lowland Gorillas
The new boys in town are bachelors from Calgary. They're not big on ice hockey, but
they are an active pair and will explore the logs, rocks, and plants around their home
at the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center. The Zoo's bachelor troop
is an important component of captive-management plans for male gorillas. Show
these bachelors some love.
Special price: $200 for the pair

Lend a helping hand and adopt our ocelot kitten. This wild cat with a beautiful pelt is
about the size of a domestic cat - but much rarer. The nocturnal hunter preys on
rodents, birds, fish, snakes, lizards, and more. This is a purr-fect gift for cat lovers.
Special price: $75

Bald Eagle
The bald eagle, our national bird, is the only eagle unique to North America, and it
was one of the first birds featured when the Dallas Zoo was founded 125 years ago.
Remember that the stately bird isn't actually bald, but it has white feathers on its
head. Adopt a regal eagle to salute a hero in your life.
Special price: $100

American Alligator
When the Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888, it featured an American alligator from
the Trinity River. Just 30 years ago, American alligators were highly endangered due
to overhunting and habitat loss. Through conservation and proper management, the
species has recovered. Here's a gift into which conservationists can sink their teeth.
Special price: $50

©2012 Dallas Zoo

©2012 Dallas Zoo